How to Change your Mail settings


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Instructions for changing your mail server names in Outlook and Outlook Express.

1. Open Outlook or Outlook Express

2. Select TOOLS then ACCOUNTS, the "Internet Accounts" windows will appear.
(note that on some versions of Outlook you will need to select TOOLS then SERVICES)


3. Select the MAIL tab.
4. Select the Account you need to modify (in some cases it should can or

5. Click on PROPERTIES.
6. The PROPERTIES windows will appear.
7. Select the
tab .



8. Modify the "Incoming mail (POP3)" (most likely is currently set to ) 

   IT should be – “”. or 

   ......................depending on what your domain is
9. In the "Outgoing mail (SMTP)" (most likely is currently set to ) 

    enter – “”. or depending on what your domain is
10. DO NOT use "My server requires authentication".
11. Make sure not to change the user name and pass word.....Unless it is less than 5 digits (see above)
12. Once you have made the proper modifications click "
" to save your changes. Then close all the open windows
13. You should now be at the main Outlook Screen. We recommend you test your mail accounts to make sure they are working properly. This includes sending test mail to yourself, and repleying to yourself.

14. Lastly ...... Very important! If your mail still fails to work call (731) 285-5936 


Also you can test your mail via webmail


Thanks for everyone's patience during this change.

It should be a more secure and less junk mail for everyone, hopefully worth the trouble.








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