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Dale Earnhardt Tribute

Travis Tritt "I'm Gona be Somebody" was Dale's song. He said it really told his story. It may take a while to load.

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On a personal note:

 I was always a Mark Martin fan. I even said I was a member of the ABE club. (Anybody but Earnhart). Now I am glad that I got to see him win in person. I think we all have drivers we love, and some we wish would not win. That is what makes this sport great. We can pull for "our" driver, its like wrestling in a way there has to be a us and them mentality.  Dale was what all the other drivers measured themselves by. If a driver wins today you have to think, "yeah but, he didn't have to race against Dale". That is just one of the many things that we will miss about Dale. 

Earnhardt Sr. dies at Daytona 500 crash


I think Nascar needs to look at what Indy has learned about race car design. In the early days they made Indy cars like "Bricks" When they wrecked the would bounce everywhere. They engineered a cockpit around the driver, as tough as could be built. Then they engineered the rest of the car to break and NOT act like a brick. Pieces of a Indy car shear off releasing energy. I think Nascar needs to look at the cars and how they could be designed to release energy, instead of translating it to the driver. The hans device should be mandatory, no question!


Dale Earnhardt Career Statistics
Year  Owner  Races  Pts.  Won  2nd  3rd  4th  5th  6-10 
1975  Ed Negre  N/A 
1976  W. Ballard  N/A 
   Johnny Ray  N/A 
1977  Henley Gray  N/A 
1978  W. Cronkrite  N/A 
   R. Osterlund  N/A 
1979  R. Osterlund  27 
1980  R. Osterlund  31 
1981  R. Osterlund  16  N/A 
   Jim Stacy  N/A 
1982  Bud Moore  30  12  5  
1983  Bud Moore  30 
1984  R. Childress  30  10  
1985  R. Childress  28  6  
1986  R. Childress  29  7  
1987  R. Childress  29  11  3  
1988  R. Childress  29  6  
1989  R. Childress  29 
1990  R. Childress  29  5  
1991  R. Childress  29  7  
1992  R. Childress  29  12  9  
1993  R. Childress  30 
1994  R. Childress  31  5  
1995  R. Childress  31 
1996  R. Childress  31 
1997  R. Childress  32 
1998  R. Childress  33 
1999  R. Childress  34  14 
2000  R. Childress  35  11 
2001  R. Childress  N/A 
TOTAL     677     76  70  59  43  33  146 



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